viernes, 28 de diciembre de 2007

Mxpx - Before Everything and Afer (2oo3)

Artista: Mxpx
Album: Before Everything and Afer
año: 2003
Genero: Pop Punk, Christian

01. Before"
02. Play It Loud"
03. Well Adjusted"
04. It's Alright"
05. Brokenhearted"
06. First Day Of The Rest Of Our Lives"
07. Everything Sucks (When You're Gone)"
08. Quit Your Life"
09. More Everything"
10. Kings of Hollywood"
11. The Capitol"
12. On The Outs"
13. Don't Walk Away"
14. You Make Me, Me"
15. You're Not Alone"
16. After"


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