viernes, 14 de marzo de 2008

Zao - The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here (2006)

Artista: Zao
Álbum: The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here
año: 2006
Genero: Metal core, Christian, HardCore

1. Cancer Eater
2. Physician Heal Thyself
3. Everything You Love Will Soon Fly Away
4. It's Hard Not to Shake With a Gun in Your Mouth
5. Kingdom of Thieves
6. Killing Time 'Til it's Time to Die
7. There is No Such Thing as Paranoia
8. Pudgy Young Blondes With Lobotomy Eyes
9. My Love, My Love (We've Come Back From the Dead)
10. American Sheets on the Deathbed
11. A Last Time For Everything


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